Project Management

Projects are all about change. Either they proactively create changes, or they are launched reactively to deal with unexpected changes. Veteran project managers have a portfolio of methods they can deploy: PMBOK, Iterative, and Agile, to name a few. Yet the most effective method for any particular project always depends upon the unique characteristics of the deliverables, the stakeholders, the project team, and the organizational culture.

Often clients ask us to help them devise operational processes and technical solutions that balance their goals of innovation, growth, and revenue with their constraints of IT security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance. We create project charters, scope statements, requirements documents, work breakdown structures, schedules, risk management plans, communication plans, change logs, and status reporting dashboards. Our expertise in ethnography enables us to perform contextual research on actual practices in the field, to lead participatory design workshops, and communicate with a wide range of stakeholders using effective media and formats. We build relationships across different functional areas, serving as translator and negotiator among senior leaders and specialist experts.

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